Request for Proposal (Rfp) Rehabilitation of Uchira (Uumu) Scheme in Kilimanjaro Region at Tanzania Horticultural Association


1.1 Background

TAHA is an apex member based private sector organization that advocates for the growth and competitiveness of the horticulture industry in Tanzania. TAHA with support from Food and Forest Development (FFD) is implementing a project called “Value for Water” in Kilimanjaro region, focusing on optimization of irrigation schemes.

The project aims to build a replicable model for improving existing irrigation schemes. The model is piloted by TAHA in Moshi in two different small-scale irrigation schemes, and it aims to strengthen profitability and resilience of horticultural production systems through adoption of solar energy powered irrigation, a pay-as-you-go water monitoring and usage optimization system, Maji Chap. Furthermore, market access and extension services are built within the project to make the investment into water worthwhile. In the core of the Maji Chap is the possibility of repayment of an investment/loan through water payments. This will be tested within the project by investing in converting conventional pumps into solar pumps and including the repayments of investment within the price of water, from which the electricity cost has been eliminated through investment in solar energy. The repayment terms will be adjusted to farmer’s capacity (same price or less of what they currently pay in terms of electricity), and the investment is returned to TAHA through water payments.

This returned investment will be used for replication of the model in other areas at the scale up phase. Remaining percentage goes to the water users’ group to cover maintenance cost, and wear and tear of the system. After the investment is repaid, Water Users Groups will only be left with this maintenance cost, unless they decide to use the same system for a new loan. Therefore, it is from this background that, TAHA seeks to engage a capable and qualified consultant who will work on the irrigation and water related technical matters within the project, and build the water related capacity within TAHA.

Interested parties may submit their intent for Expression of interest and request for a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) containing all necessary instructions to;

Chief Executive Officer, TAHA, Head Office, Kanisa Road, House No: 3, Arusha, Tanzania. Due date for submission of the proposal for Expression of Interest is by 05:00 PM EAT on 29/12/2022. The letter for expression of interest/intent for this tender should be emailed to  clearly identifying company name, email address of the person who will serve as key contact for all correspondences

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