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Project Officer Shinyanga at World Vision

With over 70 years of experience, our focus is on helping the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and experience fullness of life. We help children of all backgrounds, even in the most dangerous places, inspired by our Christian faith.

Come join our 34,000+ staff working in nearly 100 countries and share the joy of transforming vulnerable children’s life stories!

Key Responsibilities:


Technical support and Strategic engagement

  • Ensure Leadership in the technical implementation of key project activities.
  • Develop a detailed annual project plan to monitor and track project progress to meet budgetary objectives and adjusts project constraints in consultation with the project management team and World Vision Germany’s (WVG’s) grant manager
  • Facilitate technical assistance to the local stakeholders such as regions, districts and relevant Ministries to implement the project activities to achieve maximum impact in the project implementation.
  • Identify, and manage project risks in a timely manner in consultation with the project management and escalate to Senior Management and grant manager in WVG for those requiring Management and donor’s attention.
  • Work closely with Cluster managers and technical specialists to integrate the project interventions into the ongoing Health, nutrition, and livelihood interventions to enhance scale-up and sustainability.
  • Coordinate and work closely with other project-implementing local partners to ensure specific activities such as locally appropriate bio-fortified crop production and scaled up in the target regions.
  • Ensure social behavior change communication strategies and interventions are developed and implemented to address barriers to the adoption of improved adolescent sexual reproductive health practices and rights among adolescents, youths, and young men/women of reproductive age
  • Ensure all key project models are implemented and documented with high fidelity and quality
  • Chair and ensure participation of project stakeholders in related Project Steering committee meetings with other implementing partners


  • Established and maintained meaningful partnerships, collaborations, and networks in support of the project.
  • Project Activities are implemented as per timelines in the Annual Work Plan and high standards.
  • Project activities are within the approved budget limit
  • Adequate human resource planning, capacity building, and collaboration throughout the project implementation
  • Low audit risks or minimum audit queries and/or findings whenever an audit is done
  • Activity and output targets were achieved in a timely manner and with acceptable variance (less than 10%).

Project Management, Monitoring, and Evaluation:

  • Establish and maintain high-quality and timely project reporting, and communications in alignment to the specific donor requirements, WVG, and WVT standards.
  • In collaboration with M&E and project, the coordinator ensure that the project results, and targets are monitored and adjusted as necessary as well as annual work plans developed, which reflect the objectives of the project. (Gathering, reporting and analyzing performance data for impact and sustainability of project implementation in each region.)
  • Ensure proper operational opening/launch and closing of the project as well as dissemination of monitoring and evaluation of programmatic progress. Disseminate project follow- up reports to guide timely action.
  • Work closely with the Project M&E and WVG to develop and maintain program monitoring and evaluation tracking tools to ensure all project indicators report clear linkage of activities to intended outputs and outcomes and that the level of change is clearly tracked.
  • Coordinate the Project M&E and Grants Finance Officer to ensure that donor reports (both financial and narrative) are generated and sent out to WVG and local stakeholders in time. Prior review from National Office (NO) must be done.
  • Document and disseminate project best practices, lessons learnt and success stories internally and externally.
  • Support all monitoring, evaluation and research tasks and deliverables for the project and ensure that all required reports and documentation for the project’s internal management systems are produced according to WVG and donor’s requirements


  • Reach is well captured and updated as per the project indicators and data base system.
  • Project steering committee has approved Annual work plan (AWP), M&E plan, Procurement plan, budget among other relevant tools for implementation.
  • Project best practices, lessons learnt and success stories are documented and uploaded in Horizon and WV Central Repository, and shared with WVG and the donors.
  • All key project documents and information are uploaded in Horizon

Project reporting:

  • Lead and facilitate preparation of project narrative and financial reports in accordance with donor designated formats as required. Ensure that draft reports disseminated for review and feedback by senior management team, relevant technical advisors prior to submitting the final report to WVG.
  • Submit timely accurate and quality reports that meet donor requirements (timely preparation and submission of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual progress reports on the status of project implementation).
  • Lead preparation of project specific information sheets, human impact stories, short video clips and photographs for public engagement. Provide relevant communications information as necessary for dissemination to donors, WVG and media.
  • In collaboration with Compliance and reporting officer, maintain Project and report tracking system to ensure all Project files are organized and well managed for planning and preparation of donor reports and project monitoring.
  • Share lessons learned with local partners, WVT leadership, staff and donors from field reports to enhance local planning and implementation and suggest modifications that might be necessary at the local level based on evidence and lessons learnt.


  • Donor reports submitted to NO review 10 days before the deadlines for submission to Donor or Support Office.
  • Queries on donor reports responded too timely.
  • Monthly Management Report (MMR) is shared to Technical Team Leader, Cluster and Senior Grants & Operations Manager as per set deadlines.
  • Grants Dashboard is updated on monthly basis and quarterly basis by the 25th of each month and shared to Senior Grants & Operations Manager.

Effective Partnership Management, Maintaining & Reviewing

  • Develop Partner Capacity Building Plan (based on Partner Capacity Assessment Report/gaps identified)
  • Implement the capacity building plan
  • Partner Monitoring (Visits, Reports, meetings, etc)
  • Conduct Annual Partnership Health Check & partner performance reviews.


  • Timely delivery of Partnership Management indicators

Team Performance

  • Ensure a high-performance management culture, open trustworthy relationships and integrity to enhance program officer’s smooth relations and accountability.
  • Provide supervision and support to project coordinators, and give technical assistance to government staff and consultants working within the program.
  • Promote and ensure zero tolerance to fraud and corruption


  • Training plan for staff is in place and tracked on implementation
  • Project staff are linked with respective Technical leads for technical capacity enhancement while implementing the project.
  • Performance management are well aligned with project requirement

Financial & non-finance resource Management:

  • Ensure that the Project budget is managed within approved spending levels and ensure accurate and timely financial reports to donors and World Vision.
  • In working with financial team ensure project expenses are reasonable, allocated as per assigned budget, prudent and spent in accordance with donor rules and regulations to ensure low risk audits
  • Manage program assets, materials and financial resources to ensure Stewardship and accountability in the project.


  • Meet the burn-rate standards for the Donor and World Vision – Green – 90% – 100%.

Networking, visibility and donor recognition

  • Ensures the program interventions and the donor are recognized by the government, partners and communities
  • Develop and support effective linkages and collaborate with Key structures to include Government structures, Community Based Organizations, other implementing partners and NGOs.
  • Represent WVT and Participate in networking meetings/workshops/conferences with GoT and other stakeholders at the district, regional and national level
  • Facilitate documentation and sharing of processes, challenges, good practices and lessons learnt among partners.
  • In collaboration with Senior Grants and Operation manager, ensure WV Germany and donor queries and requests are effectively, timely and effective way.


  • Share the best practice of the project to partners
  • Share Project impact story in quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports.


Required Professional Experience             

  • A minimum of 3 years relevant experience in leading, coordinating and managing integrated health projects
  • Demonstrated experience in a Project Management role and use of project management cycle in the delivery of development projects is required.
  • Demonstrated experience managing multidisciplinary teams is an advantage.
  • Experience in implementing international donor funded projects and working with implementing partners /local CSOs and WROs is an advantage;
  • Experience in delivering technical assistance and/or institutional capacity building is an asset
  • Familiar with current Advocacy issues around adolescent sexual reproductive health and working with adolescents & youths is a MUST
  • Experience in implementing projects in sectors of ASHR, MNCH, Nutrition, Economic empowerment and working with children under 5 and women of reproductive age

Required Education, training, license, registration, and certification

  • Bachelor degree in Public Health and/or Project Management in Health from a recognized institution

Preferred Knowledge and Qualifications

  • Excellent communication skills; Ability to communicate with internal and external stakeholders,
  • Excellent coordination and planning skills
  • Report writing skills: Ability to write complex reports
  • Demonstrate high levels of integrity
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent team player with minimum supervision
  • Significant experience of working with government officials, multiple partners, community groups and communities.
  • Proven experience in facilitating effective project documentation and dissemination of results to a wide range of audiences.
  • Experience in working with international donor funded grants
  • Ability to maintain effective working relationships with all levels of staff
  • Good planning and excellent organizational skills, ability to determine priorities and attention to detail a must
  • Work in a multisector/ multicultural team- patience, cultural sensitivity and application of contextual understanding in day to day work
  • High-level of knowledge and practice with Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. required
  • Ability to work with tight deadlines for information needs

Travel and/or Work Environment Requirement :

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically up to 50% of the time to the field in Nzega Cluster-Shinyanga & Kishapu DC and occasionally internationally if need be.
  • Ability to work in a multicultural context as a flexible and respectful team player
  • Willingness to travel to the field as and when needed


Project Coordinator

  • Direct Supervision and program implementation

Senior Grants and Operations Manager 

  • Second-level manager and oversight

Technical leads (Health, Nutrition, Resilience & Livelihood, DME, Communications and others)         

  • Reporting progress on matters pertaining technical aspects – fidelity of implementation

Operations Director and Senior Management Team     

  • Advice on related management functions On Need Basis

WVT Partners (Government, Community, Local CSOs, WROs)             

  • Planning, implementation and collaboration          Weekly

WV Support Office 

  • Program Implementation


  • Project Officer makes decision on project management in consultation with the direct supervisor.
  • Project Officer is guided by authority levels matrix on key approval levels and is guided by WVT policies and guidelines.


  • Be Safe and Resilient
  • Deliver Results
  • Build Relationships
  • Be Accountable
  • Learn and Develop
  • Improve and Innovate
  • Partner and Collaborate
  • Embrace Change
  • Model Self-Management
  • Engage, Influence, Lead, and Grow Others
  • Run an Effective and Agile Organisation
  • Develop the Organization for the Future

Job Location:

  • This Position is Based in Shinyanga, Kishapu DC

Applicant Types Accepted:

  • Local Applicants Only


  • This position is contingent upon donor approval of the project and funding

Applicant Types Accepted:

Local Applicants Only


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