LOGINInvitation for bid (ifb) for Procurement of school table and chairs for fukayosi secondary school And pupils desks for miembesaba primary school in bagamoyo district, pwani at Good Neighbors

Invitation for bid (ifb)

Bid No. GNT/HO/004/2022


Procurement of School Table and Chairs for Fukayosi Secondary School

And Pupils Desks for Miembesaba Primary School in Bagamoyo District, Pwani REGION

  1. Good Neighbors has set aside funds during the financial year 2022. It is intended that part of the proceeds of the fund will be used to cover eligible payment under the contract for the Procurement of school furniture’s (Table, Chairs and Desks).
  1. Good Neighbors Tanzania (GNTZ) invites sealed bids from eligible suppliers of items or services who meet the requirements to provide items to us.
  1. Bidders may request a clarification of bidding document only up to Five (5) days before the Bid submission deadline at the office of Good Neighbors-Tanzania Head Office, Plot No. 2047, Block ‘K’, Boko Chama, Dar es Salaam from 08:00AM to 04:00PM, Monday to Thursday, except on Public Holidays.
  1. Tenders should be delivered direct (hand delivery) to our office located in Dar es Salaam, along Bagamoyo road, Boko area, near Chama before 10:00AM, 10th January 2023. Tenders shall be opened thereafter at the same address in the presence of the bidders who choose to attend.



Part of the Instructions to Suppliers used to reflect specific terms and assignment conditions.

Procurement Entity


The subject of procurement items or service to Good Neighbors Tanzania. Items should be delivered to Fukayosi Secondary School and Miembesaba Primary School in Bagamoyo District Council after being inspected by Good Neighbours Tanzania.
Period of service Period for supply of goods and services is Fourteen Days (14).
Tender Validity Period Bids remain Valid for 60 days after submission date.
Language of Tender The Tender prepared by the Tenderer, as well as all correspondence and documents relating to the Tender exchanged by the Tenderer and Good Neighbors Tanzania shall be written in the English language.
Preparation and

Instruction to Bid


The bidder shall seal the two envelopes (both Technical and Financial bids in two separate envelopes). One envelope marked as “Technical bid” and another envelope marked as “Financial Bid”. The two envelopes should be put in one outer cover marked “TENDER No. GNT/HO/004/2022 for the procurement of school table and chairs for Fukayosi secondary school and pupil’s desks for

Miembesaba primary school in Bagamoyo District, Pwani region

Note: Submitted tenders will not be considered for further evaluation    when instructions are not followed.

Receipt, and Opening of Tenders •      The completed Technical and Financial Bids must be delivered at Good Neighbors Tanzania (Dar es Salaam) on or before the time and date stated. Any bid received after the closing time for submission of bids shall be returned to the respective Supplier unopened.

•      After the deadline for submission of Bids, tender documents shall be opened immediately by the Tender Committee.


Evaluation of Tenders


The evaluation committee appointed by the GNTZ shall evaluate the technical bids on the basis of their responsiveness to Instruction to bid, applying the evaluation criteria as follows: –

Criteria                                                                                             Points (%)

1. Eligibility of supplier Company Profile

(include            evidence          of         availability of key            equipment). Business Licence

TIN and VRN certificate

Tax clearance certificate

*All documents should be up to dated and related to field applied.

*                    If supplier do not submit any of the document, they will not proceed to next evaluation.

2. General experiences of Supplier                                                         (55)

Bidder to submit 5 past experiences

(Attach 5 contracts of different client with proof of business transactions including LPO, Deposit slip or cheque and EFD receipt copies).

*Past experience submitted should be similar to the goods tendered by GNTZ

*                    The Minimum Technical Score required to Pass: 33 Points


After Technical Proposal evaluation, firms that have secured the minimum qualifying mark their Financial Proposal will be evaluated.

Criteria          Points i.          Financial Strength

–          Recent dully audited account (Last two years)           (10)

(Bidder to include acknowledgement certificate for Financial statement upload to TRA website or stamped by TRA).

–          Six months bank statement (June to December 2022)            (5)

*Financial statement will be evaluated on common grounds to all bidders to test financial performance and reliability.

*If supplier do not submit Audited account report or six-month bank statement, they will not proceed to next evaluation ii. Basing on Financial Score (Sf) formulae:

Sf =Clow/C W


C = Evaluated Proposal Cost

low = The lowest of all Evaluated Proposal Costs among responsive Proposals w = Weight for Financial score (30 Points)

The bidder achieving the highest combined technical and financial score will be considered as successful bidder. The combined technical and financial score is calculated Technical Score + Financial Score.


Before Contract Signing GNTZ may require Negotiation discussion with the successful bidder relating to the following areas

(a)   a minor alteration to the technical details of the statement of requirements;

(b)   a minor amendment to the conditions of Contract;

(c)   delivery arrangements;

(d)   clarifying details that were not apparent or could not be finalized at the time of tendering; or  (e) price.

Notification and Award of Contract All tenderers will be informed (via Email) of the outcome of their proposals following tender evaluation and any necessary clarifications. Potential outcomes can be:

a)      Notification of Intent of award of contract.

b)      Notification of Regret.

GNTZ will award the Contract to the Tenderer whose tender has been determined to be substantially responsive to the tendering documents, who has all the rights and legal capacity to enter into a contract for procurement.

Performance of Service


In contract execution supplier should consider the following,

•    Prices quoted by the Bidder shall be fixed during the Bidder’s performance of the Contract and not subject to variation.

•    Items or services should be delivered to Fukayosi secondary school and Miembesaba primary school in Bagamoyo District, Pwani Region

•    Item brand shall not change, unless agreed before delivery of service

Currency and Payment The currency and invoices in which all prices and rates shall be tendered, and which payments under the contract will be paid, shall be in Tanzania Shillings.

GNTZ will make payment within 21 Working days after delivery of Items or services. During delivery, Supplier shall provide Delivery Note, Invoice and EFD receipt. The payments will be made to respective Account of Supplier or Company.

No advance payments will be allowed in Purchasing Process.

Termination of contract GNTZ will terminate the Agreement If,

i.    Late deliveries occur during performance of Contract ii.       Supplier decides to change Item Brand without GNTZ consent. iii.       Supplier doesn’t adhere to the Ethical Standards.

Corrupt or fraudulent practices GNTZ requires that bidders observe the highest standards of ethics during the selection and award of contract and also during the performance of the service or task.

GNTZ will reject a proposal for award if it determines that the bidder recommended for awards has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for the contract in question.

Bidders may raise any suspicious of misconduct or unfair treatment to email: gntzHO@goodneighbors.or.tz .




S/N Item Specification/Description Qty Unit Price Amount
1 Students Chair and Table a)



Hard wood


Printed GNTZ Logo

Delivered to

Fukayosi Secondary


66 Pcs
2 Pupils’ Desks a)




Hard wood

(Mkongo/Mninga) Iron Square pipe for desk Stand

Printed GNTZ Logo

Delivered to


Primary School

66 Pcs

                 SUB -TOTAL




              GRAND TOTAL



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