Consultancy at American Bar Association (ABA)

1.0. Background

The American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) is implementing a project entitled, “Promoting Freedom of Expression, Rule of Law and Access to Justice in East Africa, with a focus on Tanzania and Uganda.” The project was developed as a response to an emerging trend of States curtailing legitimate work of human rights defenders, limiting freedom of expression, and narrowing the space for civil society and the media. This has been under the guise of safeguarding state sovereignty and security, where governments are placing unnecessary and debilitating restrictions on fundamental human rights; right to civic engagement, media freedom and civil society space particularly freedoms of assembly, association, and expression. In Uganda, the media is facing challenges resulting in self-censorship, lack of coordination and common agenda. This is largely attributed to the impunity with which state agencies violate media rights due to the prevailing political environment. This has further been compounded by lack of support from the regulatory body and increasing restrictive legal and policy environment which has extended to freedom of expression online. Moreover, CSOs face continued repression on account of restrictive legislation and executive policies that authorities use to silence critical voices, creating a chilling effect. This has been compounded by the passing of restrictive laws and policies on Freedom of Expression and general civic space. Therefore the increasing closing of civic space and the implications of this pattern of actions calls for innovative strategies and measures to address the situation. Advocacy for greater protection of freedom of expression, and for much-needed legal and policy reforms is one of the key objectives of the project.

Policy briefs are an important tool for advocacy. They provide an intimate understanding of a particular law/policy through research and analysis which highlights concerns for policy makers. Informed by this context, ABA ROLI seeks to identify consultants to support advocacy efforts to enhance legal and policy reform on freedom of expression and civic space by developing policy brief(s) on emerging issues related to Freedom of Expression and Civic Space.

2.0. Overall objective of the consultancy

The overall objective of the consultancy call is to identify person(s) to develop policy briefs on emerging issues on Freedom of Expression and/or Civic space

3.0 Deliverables

The identified Consultant(s) will report to the Senior Program Manager and will meet the following deliverables:

• Prepare a brief inception report on the policy brief, methodology and structure proposing the focus/subject of the policy brief(s)

• Prepare draft policy brief(s)

• Support the validation to the draft Policy brief(s)

• Produce Final Policy Brief(s)

4.0 Duration of the Assignment

The assignment is expected to last ten (10) working days inclusive of: preparation of tools, literature review, key informant interviews and preparation of the policy brief(s).

5.0. Qualifications and Experience

• Bachelor’s and/or Master’s Degree in Law or Human Rights; Post Graduate qualification is an added advantage.

• At least 5-10 years of professional experience in writing and research.

• Candidates must demonstrate a strong understanding and knowledge of the laws and policies related to Freedom of Expression and Civic space.

• Demonstrated knowledge/experience in advocacy and development of policy briefs.

• Good understanding of contexts and legal system in Uganda.

• English fluency & excellent communication, presentation skills.


Interested and qualified applicants must submit their applications to by Thursday 20th February 2023. The application must contain an application letter demonstrating the suitability of the applicant for the assignment including proposed policy brief, methodology and structure, a detailed curriculum vitae highlighting experience on developing policy briefs and similar assignment and the topics/areas the proposed policy brief(s) will cover. Applicants can propose topics/areas the policy brief should focus on. The final topics/areas will be agreed upon with the successful candidate.

7.0. Terms of Payment

• The consultant will be contracted for a total of ten (10) professional working days and will be paid USD $1800 (one thousand and eight hundred dollars) gross.

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