4 Complain Help Desk Assistants job at World Vision

Vacancy title:
4 Complain Help Desk Assistants

Jobs at:

World Vision

Deadline of this Job:
31 January 2023

Duty Station:
Within Tanzania , Kigoma , East Africa

Date Posted: Thursday, January 19, 2023 , Base Salary: Not Disclosed

Key Responsibilities:
Major responsibilities;

Accountability (Information Provision, Community Engagement/Consultation, Community Participation, Complaints, Feedback & Response Mechanism)-Beneficiaries oriented (50%)
• Receives, records/documents and respond to all complaints mainly channeled via help desks and other channels (Feedback meeting, referral system, consultations etc) that are related to World Vision programs, commitments, or conduct, this can include Food, GBV, security, Peacebuilding & Child protection related issues.
• Engage in daily pre-address speech/Pre-distribution meetings where key updates/information are being passed/communicated to beneficiaries.
• Liaising: making a link between the beneficiary and the Distribution/Nutrition team at GFD and SFP respectively.
• Ensuring that, all complaints and feedback that are not food aid or cash aid shall be referred to the relevant sectors/organization.
• Provide a receipt to beneficiaries (refugees) for all complaints and feedback received.
• Information dissemination: Participate in providing information to beneficiaries on project activities (i.e. Nutrition/distribution program), about World Vision, and how to make a complaint.
• Confirm beneficiary selection criteria (verification) and other program information provided by World Vision.
• Pass non-sensitive feedback and complaints about World Vision’s activities to the WV staff on site (distribution staff on daily).
• Collect complaints on sensitive issues related to World Vision’s program into a secure complaints box. World Vision will then investigate and follow up on complaints and feedback.
• Provide information on other programs being executed by other organizations and services that exist in the area/Camp.
• Supervising all CRM Committee members ie. Help Desk Committee members
• Ensuring the help desk operates not only during distribution but also during pre and posts distribution.
• Ensuring that notes/information boards is in place and information is updated and posted timely.
• Take part in the training of committee members (FAC and CHD) and other stakeholders.

End Results

Functional Project Accountability System at field Level through; –
• Timely receipt, records, and response to Beneficiaries’ feedback.
• Flourished relationship between Staff and beneficiaries
• Timely referral of non-food complaints/feedback to respective sector leads/agencies.
• Informed communities about our programming (As per different studies/surveys held by the project and WFP).
• Outstanding adherence to the Code of conduct by distribution staff.
• Improved Litigation operation as a result of regular training for CHD and CRM committee members.

Accountability (Work-related) (30%)
• Ensuring timely response to Complaints
• Writing referrals: Channeling food un-related complaints to other agencies timely (within 24 working hours)
• With collaboration with AME personnel periodically identify how the community would like/prefer to complain.
• Ensuring and maintaining the confidentiality of all complaints received as well feedback issued to beneficiaries.
• Ensuring availability of help desk banners during operation/distribution.
• Treating beneficiaries and agency staff with fairness and equity, transparency, and a respectful manner at all times when working at the Help Desk.
• Engaging the community in an appropriate and respectful manner, never raising false expectations.
• Observing the Humanitarian code of conduct (i.e Do no Harm) and operating procedures.

End Results
• 100 proportion of complaints were responded to before distribution came to an end.
• 100% of referrals are processed on time.
• Functional complaints/feedback channels as preferred by the community.
• 100% confidentiality maintained.
• Displayed Visibility (banners) all the time during the operations.
• 100% adherence to the Help Desk Standard Operating Procedures.
• Humanitarian code of Conduct Observed at 100%.

Reporting and Documentation. (15%)
• Preparing and submitting CRM weekly or monthly Progress reports.
• Prepare and reconcile cycle manual redemption report with Distribution Center Supervisors prior to submission to WFP.
• Recording data into a paper-based format and filling data into the ODK platform daily during distribution.
• Document every pre-distribution speech/meeting minute on a circle basis and ensure signed by both community and project representatives. Also, document every piece of information shared with communities.

End Results
• Timely Submitted Reports
• Reconciled Manual redemption report submitted to WFP
• Presence of synchronized CRM data into ODK platform software two days after cycle accomplishment.
• Documented minutes as evidence of what was communicated and signed by key participants i.e. project v/s Community side).

Other Duties: (5%)
• Attend inter-agency help desks as assigned by his/her supervisor.
• Representing the organization into camp level meetings and sharing feedback promptly (24 hours)
• Participate in assessment exercises such as Beneficiary service satisfaction and Post Distribution monitoring (PDM).
• To perform any other related duties as assigned by his/her designee.

End Results
• 100% project representation in Inter-agency Help Desks and camp-level coordination meetings.

Knowledge/ qualifications for the role
Required Professional Experience

• Knowledge of Database Management Tools (ODK software). MS Access, Ms Excel and SPSS.
• At least 2 years’ experience in working with International NGOs with a relevant community focus
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively with beneficiary communities, Government, and other stakeholders at the camp level
• Experience in training and community consultation is highly desired.
• Experience in facilitating focus group discussions with local communities and reporting.
• Commitment to and understanding of international humanitarian standards, especially the Red Cross and Red Crescent Code of Conduct, Sphere, and the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP) Standard;
• Ability to work in a cross-cultural context with people of various backgrounds;
• Willingness to participate in chapel and group devotions; and Commitment to WV Core Values and Mission Statement

Required Education, training, license, registration, and certification
• University Degree in Human resource, sociology, political science, business administration, or international development from a recognized University

Preferred Knowledge and Qualifications
• Understanding the Android mobile platform is desirable.
• Previous exposure to mobile hardware technologies is desirable.
• Comfortable with learning the new software systems and running rudimentary system upgrades including compiling new software release
• Experience in Humanitarian operations or disaster response.

Travel and/or Work Environment
• Refugee camps
Physical Requirements
• Should be physically fit

Language Requirements
• Fluent in English and Swahili

Key working relationship
Contact (within WV or outside WV)

WFP Field Staff
Reason for Contact
They are always on the ground witnessing the distribution process hence effective communication is essential

UNHCR Field Staff
Reason for Contact

To resolve challenges associated with beneficiary registration and other protection issues.

Plan International
Reason for Contact

For child protection issues associated with food services

Refugee community leaders
Reason for Contact

Information dissemination to the communities at large

Help Age International
Reason for Contact

Facilitate timely services provision to People with Specific Needs (PSNs)

Reason for Contact

For an effective understanding of discrepancies if any, timely & be in a position to resolve beneficiaries’ complaints on entitlement discrepancies easily.

Decision making
• The role needs regular discussion-making guided by set principles (Humanitarian principles).

Core competencies
• Be Safe and Resilient
• Deliver Results
• Build Relationships
• Be Accountable
• Learn and Develop
• Improve and Innovate
• Partner and Collaborate
• Embrace Change
• Model Self-Management
• Engage, Influence, Lead and Grow Others
• Run an Effective and Agile Organisation
• Develop the Organisation for the Future

Applicant Type Accepted:
Local Applicants Only


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